My Toxic Woman

I have always had hoarder tendencies. I hold on to things until I am completely sure that their utility is depleted. Sometimes it takes me too long to reach this realization but that’s just the way I am. Other reasons for hoarding include sentimental value and attached memories. Recently, I came across a piece I... Continue Reading →

The Best Laid Plans

This has been quite a month, a month of finals. I wish I could say all of it was sweet and nice, like ending the four-year abusive relationship that is school, but that just isn’t how life works. I’ve had the worst combination of interests any one can have this year. Three of my favourite... Continue Reading →

In the Name of Love

I have a female best friend. I honestly believe that every man should have one. She’s like a breathing cheat code in all matters women. I pride myself in being perceptive but I do miss a few things concerning our female counterparts. That’s where she come in. for the purposes of privacy we shall refer... Continue Reading →

Demystifying Cheating

My friend Natalie called me a few days ago. Her voice was unusually calm and solemn. “Could you please come to my place? It’s a bit urgent,” she said before hanging up. I didn’t even get the chance to respond and that’s how I knew she was not at all requesting. I hate not having... Continue Reading →


Bikothoughts #105 He took me from my perfectly still world and brought me to his that was full of disaster, stricken by the harsh lightening of chaos and riddled with wars. I was afraid, scared to leave behind my innocence. Scared to lose the euphoria of my blissful ignorance, hesitant to step out of my... Continue Reading →

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