Nutty November

No-shave November is upon us yet again. This time it’s different because I finally have something on my face to not shave. It is tiny and not very visible from afar, but up-close it is undeniable. It can be seen and felt, but most importantly, it can be shaved, or in this case, not shaved.... Continue Reading →

Slice Of Heaven

How can I sleep, when my temples are pulsating to the tune of my heartbeat? How do I drift away when my unusually bulging tummy is threatening to explode, when its contents are at war with no real winner? At the same time adrenaline is flowing plenty and I feel like I could ride an... Continue Reading →

The Best Laid Plans

This has been quite a month, a month of finals. I wish I could say all of it was sweet and nice, like ending the four-year abusive relationship that is school, but that just isn’t how life works. I’ve had the worst combination of interests any one can have this year. Three of my favourite... Continue Reading →

In the Name of Love

I have a female best friend. I honestly believe that every man should have one. She’s like a breathing cheat code in all matters women. I pride myself in being perceptive but I do miss a few things concerning our female counterparts. That’s where she come in. for the purposes of privacy we shall refer... Continue Reading →

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