One Is One Too Many

This is a devastating story about a young girl who went through an ordeal very many unfortunate girls and women alike have had to go through. It is not just a story, not just another blog post, but also a call to self-examine and take action. One woman defiled is one too many.

We Fall, We Rise

I paused at the entrance as I often did, to admire how chic the lounge was. The designer had played around with brown wood and dark leather to give the place a sophisticated timeless yet vintage look. The lighting was bright enough to ease visibility and soft so that it felt mysterious. The patrons were... Continue Reading →

The Best Laid Plans

This has been quite a month, a month of finals. I wish I could say all of it was sweet and nice, like ending the four-year abusive relationship that is school, but that just isn’t how life works. I’ve had the worst combination of interests any one can have this year. Three of my favourite... Continue Reading →

Demystifying Cheating

My friend Natalie called me a few days ago. Her voice was unusually calm and solemn. “Could you please come to my place? It’s a bit urgent,” she said before hanging up. I didn’t even get the chance to respond and that’s how I knew she was not at all requesting. I hate not having... Continue Reading →

Of Flightless Birds

A considerable portion of the most unfortunate moments of my life begin with a gloat. One would think that after establishing this pattern I would stop taking opportunities to flex but one would be wrong. It’s engrained in my DNA, almost pathological. I own a big trumpet and I love to blow it. See what... Continue Reading →

Oopsy Poopsy!

What goes around comes around and bites you where the rays of the sun don’t reach. When you send something negative forth it gains momentum and it eventually comes back to you like a wrecking ball. I can feel interest in this post going down so I believe now is a good time to inform... Continue Reading →

Revolution By Fire.

Multiple high schools in Kenya have almost been reduced to ashes over the past few weeks. For close to two decades, learning has been interrupted almost yearly by students' riots. Fire is a close ally to these. Every time this happens the conclusion is the same; the students are rowdy, lack discipline, and are jittery... Continue Reading →

Position vs Disposition

From exorbitant gym membership fees and unusually priced pens catered for by our taxes to recurring scandals involving obscene amounts of money, it is very clear that Kenya's leadership is pure pandemonium but there isn't much agreement on why the situation is as it is. Is it that we keep trusting the wrong people or... Continue Reading →

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