My Toxic Woman

I have always had hoarder tendencies. I hold on to things until I am completely sure that their utility is depleted. Sometimes it takes me too long to reach this realization but that’s just the way I am. Other reasons for hoarding include sentimental value and attached memories. Recently, I came across a piece I... Continue Reading →


Bikothoughts #65 Why do we watch the moon and stars when the sun rises to scorch the earth? What is the purpose of showering to get dirty; rewriting what you erased and erasing what you rewrote; wiping the blood away from an oozing wound? Why go to sleep when dawn is inevitable? What leaves cure... Continue Reading →

Unholy Matrimony

With his usual nonchalant strut, Kyle made his way up the slight steps and onto the threshold of the cathedral hall.  He was clad in a brown vintage suit, complete with his favorite splurge of jewelry. His right hand carried his ruby-coated swagger staff with real gold at its head. He had no eye accessories... Continue Reading →

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