You Can’t Put Out An Electrical Fire By Adding Gasolene.


Before I begin, I have to clarify a few things. I am not a ‘boy child crusader’ and I like to think I’m not a chauvinist either. Many might have a contrary opinion concerning the latter but do I blame them? Definitely not. An opinion is a nose and dogs have very strong and sensitive ones. I suppose this is why my kin often refer to me as one. Woof!
As far as noble causes go, feminism is quintessential. Historically our forefathers from across the globe have not been very just to the womenfolk and the feelings the term I just used evoked are quite proving my point. There’s nothing anyone can possibly say to justify all the horrible injustices our female counterparts were subjected to. Sadly, society likes to act like all that is in the past but the truth is these dark times are still with us. Feminists. God bless your souls. Keep fighting the good fight, but I need to draw your attention to a new enemy, one that is subtle and thoroughly confused. Feminism began as a proper movement, but the 2018 radical feminist is a thoroughly confused specimen whose actions have potentially lethal ramifications.

Modern day Kenya may not be perfect but we’ve definitely come a long way from the days of women not being allowed to wear trousers or engage in previously regarded “manly” activities such as driving. The examples are endless. The current generation has generally had it better than the predecessors but somehow it’s angrier and more charged. On behalf of men from all ages, I apologize to you ladies. Sincerely, I do. Now please stop being so angry about the past and focus on the present. Secondhand anger only distorts perception.

Lose the anger and lift a veil from your eyes. You’ll realize that it’s not as bad as you thought it was. Not everything is about gender too. Everything a man does is not “because he’s a man and you’re a woman”. If I cut in front of you on the road it’s because I’m impatient and probably late. I can’t tell the gender of a driver from their rear number plate. It’s not that deep.

By definition, Equality is a situation in which people have the same rights and advantages. This is exactly what feminism was founded and has been operating on, until today’s radical breed took over and now everything is haywire. Correct me if I’m wrong, but the fight is supposed to be against situations where society favors the male gender at the female gender’s expense. I therefore don’t understand why anyone would oppose when society insists women’s roles are restricted to child rearing and husband appeasing, but they remain silent when the same society dictates that a man should handle most if not all of the financial responsibility irrespective of the woman’s means and capability. This must be a new strain of equality that specifically trumps the possibility of similar responsibilities.

This strange breed defines inequity by anything that is not a direct advantage to them. When society denies them leadership opportunities they’re up in arms but when society says a man is automatically to cater for the entire bill (sometimes even those of unknown and uninvited friends) it’s okay, even if the man was the one who was invited as opposed to being the initiator. Allow me to pose a question. If societal and conventional gender-allocated roles are so wrong, why then do you ask your male friends to help you with anything that requires rigorous physical application such as moving houses? Can’t a woman do what a man can do much better?
Let’s talk education. How comes your quest for “equality” doesn’t seem to have a problem with the pass mark for admission to public universities being slightly higher for boys? Keep in mind statistics show that girls perform way better than boys in national exams. But of course, there is no fuss as long as the gender on the receiving end is not the one associated with beards. Double standards much?

In 2018, the feminist has become radical and is no longer fighting for equality. Oh no. The goal here is supremacy and dominance. Chauvinism is ugly and it therefore makes no sense to counter it with something similar in principle but with a different name. You simply cannot put out an electrical fire by adding gasolene.

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