Revolution By Fire.

Multiple high schools in Kenya have almost been reduced to ashes over the past few weeks. For close to two decades, learning has been interrupted almost yearly by students' riots. Fire is a close ally to these. Every time this happens the conclusion is the same; the students are rowdy, lack discipline, and are jittery... Continue Reading →


You Can’t Put Out An Electrical Fire By Adding Gasolene.

Before I begin, I have to clarify a few things. I am not a 'boy child crusader' and I like to think I'm not a chauvinist either. Many might have a contrary opinion concerning the latter but do I blame them? Definitely not. An opinion is a nose and dogs have very strong and sensitive... Continue Reading →

Position vs Disposition

From exorbitant gym membership fees and unusually priced pens catered for by our taxes to recurring scandals involving obscene amounts of money, it is very clear that Kenya's leadership is pure pandemonium but there isn't much agreement on why the situation is as it is. Is it that we keep trusting the wrong people or... Continue Reading →

Hey, Bartender!

FIFA World Cup is back! And what a better way to enjoy your team thrashing it's opponents than while getting intoxicated by your favorite beverage? Sports do well with alcoholic beverages because both are well-known social lubricants and ways to just kick back and relax. But how many people actually drink properly? Do you understand... Continue Reading →

Unholy Matrimony

With his usual nonchalant strut, Kyle made his way up the slight steps and onto the threshold of the cathedral hall.  He was clad in a brown vintage suit, complete with his favorite splurge of jewelry. His right hand carried his ruby-coated swagger staff with real gold at its head. He had no eye accessories... Continue Reading →

Stereotypes? Not my type.

A few weeks ago on a Friday I was traveling from Nairobi to Machakos and I had a very interesting and enlightening journey. The best time to beat Mombasa road traffic out of town on a weekend is to travel anytime past eight o'clock in the evening and I was boarding my matatu at around... Continue Reading →

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